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For many years PLINTHS.LONDON have been helping brands create innovative, inspiring display solutions and product presentations that captivate the consumer. Our dedicated team of highly skilled designers are on hand to assist you with all aspects of your visual merchandising and store design, helping you develop vm strategies specific to your brands needs, wants and identity. The UK and American VM team have helped many international brands reinvent and revive their approach to visual identity, from simple yet effective window schemes, to pop-up shops, store-in-store installations and complete fit-outs.

If you have a concept in mind or want to commission a new scheme through ourselves then our team are on hand to take you through this process and ensure your goals and aspirations are met, from initial concept through to prototyping, manufacturing and final in-store fit out.
Styling  Our team understand how challenging it can be to create an impactful event space, whether it's a product launch, press show, exhibition or corporate party. The PLINTHS.LONDON visual styling team are well trained to assist brands with all their event styling needs. Utilising our expertise in design, styling and product display we are able to add a professional, well thought through scheme that will elevate your brand. We aim to fully immerse ourselves in your company aesthetic so we are able to truly reflect your business or product, bringing a level of design to your event that is on trend, on brand and most importantly, you!

We have assisted brands across all industries and services, from Fashion and Footwear, Beauty and Jewellery to Interior Design and Architecture.

What we can offer:
Event design and Production, Event Styling and Visual Merchandising, Display Solutions and Product Placement. We also offer a full consultancy package, providing a no hassle service that puts your event needs in our hands and delivers cost effective project and design management to ensure your event is as successful as possible. If you need assistance with any event design and styling then why not talk to one of our team who can help you bring your vision to reality.

Pop-up  stores has become a common feature on the UK and international high street over the past few years, with more and more brands adapting their retail strategy to incorporate this vision. PLINTHS.LONDON have been helping brands to facilitate their POP-UP strategies, providing everything from overall store design, bespoke fixtures and fittings, visual merchandising and window schemes, branding and graphics. Our skilled team have over 20 years experience working within Retail design and visual merchandising, as well as a wealth of expertise in product design, interior architecture and lighting design.

Our vision is to help brands create truly unique retail experiences and maximise their return on investment.

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